Local shop

The shop in villar d’arene is in the main square. It’s run by gégé and his daughter and open every day. I don’t think I can remember a day when it was closed. There’s fresh bread in the morning, a selection of fresh fruit and veg, and plenty of charcuterie. He selects his wine every year with care and the cote du rhone is always excellent. A new welcome addition this year was a freezer cabinet with essentials such as frozen peas and fish fingers. If you just need the day to day essentials, there’s no need to go further.



Restaurant Trois Frenes – New Year like no other

We are usually in bed by midnight on new years eve, planning a big ski for new years day.  But this year on a whim we booked the Trois Frenes in the village for their new years eve special. 

We have eaten there lots, and its always good honest food at a great value.  Its pretty and atmospheric, and the hosts charming.  The menu isnt big, but there’s everything you would expect and its cooked freshly.  The salads in the summer are massive, and in winter there’s steak, lamb, a local dish, and a fish dish.  The kids devour steak hache or omlette and chips.

New Year – we had no idea what to expect other than to be there at 8 and there were 8 courses.  the children were whisked away to a separate table, and we sat down on a beatifully decorated long table, underneath the vaulted ceiling.  A Grenoblois ensemble played us in through the canapes, kir and entrees.  And then the main courses – Chateaubriand I will never foget.  The kids were all playing babyfoot as the conversation flowed – the other guests were so kind to our stumbling french.  After puddings, (many, and delicious) we were treated to a recital  by our hosts.  She told a wonderful tale of wolves, and he sang hauntingly of love under the meije, bring a tear to most.  We were the first to creep away at 2 am in the sparkling night, vowing to book next year.  Our New Year days was shorter, but all the better.