Why I love Serre Chevalier by Poppy Munro age 10


I love Serre Chevalier because it has so many places to visit……. I hope you will enjoy my favourites too.

Boarder Cross

The boarder cross is a fun way to test your racing skills recommended 5 and over I think people would enjoy the boarder cross. I enjoy it a lot but it closes every so often. Take your children there so you can see what they are made of.

Nomad Village

Take your kids over to the nomad village it has fistful of information; recommended 6 and over. I think this is the best place to have a picnic. I like learning about the nomad ways of life. You can also warm up by the stove in the Yurt.

Snow Park

Let your kids go WILD in the snow park; it is full of box’s, easy jump’s, medium jump’s and hard jump’s. I enjoy the snow park because its a mountain full of fun. We go to the snow park with Simone our instructor. Sometimes we go for the whole day and I need my twin tips. The restaurant near here has the best chips in the valley.

Cibout Run (black )

The Cibout is a extra hard run for people under 7 because they don’t piste it and its steep. But for people who are over 7 you will find it really easy. I was 7 when I first did the cibout, it was a bit difficult (big moguls) but managed to do it in 10 minutes and take my advice if your child is crying give them a sweet, treat or chocolate. The chairlift is a double seater so 1 adult and 1 child together.

The Eychauda run (red)

This is a very fast run especially quick for heading back for chips at the restaurant. You have to watch out for people learning but its best for going very quick and doing 360’s.

The Cucumelle (red).

I love this run because it has awesome big half pipes that are natural. They are off piste actually so its best to go with an adult but they are awesome fun. Its also on the way to the snow park from Monetier which is handy.

Ski School (Ski NewGen)

Simone is the best teacher to hire if you want to teach your children.  He makes it fun but he also makes sure you learn properly.  I like going to the snow park best with him, and I also like the racing with him.  He has taught us how to ski like people from different countries.  eg.  the spanish ski like a tango, the english ski like a tortoise, the french ski with their booties and the Italians ski the best (he is italian).

2013-04-05 20.32.35


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